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All-Dai can be worn in four different styles | Photo source Munjoi

Startup launches vegan 4-in-1 footwear that is kinder to the planet

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The new shape shifting shoe aims to help customers save money and space while producing less waste

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Spotted: American sustainable footwear startup MUNJOI is on a mission to reduce the amount of shoes we need with their newly launched 4-in-1 All-Dai shoe. 

All-Dai can be worn as a trainer, a backless mule, a sandal slide, or an open-toe trainer. To switch between styles, the insole can be removed and for any components of the shoe to be folded down and tucked away. The insole is then replaced, fixing the new style in place. 

The new footwear was designed by Patrick Hogan, who worked for Saucony and New Balance before beginning his own entrepreneurial project.  “As a footwear designer I could walk outside on any given day and count the number of shoes that I’ve designed on the feet of people walking by. I realised that I was playing a pretty big role in the process, and I should be using my talents to do a better job at helping combat pollution,” Hogan said to Treehugger

All-Dai is made entirely from plant-based materials. The sole combines BLOOM foam made from algae waste combined with sugarcane. The rest of the shoe is made from a breathable knitted material composed of hemp, cotton, and a small amount of spandex for elasticity.  

To reduce waste, the upper part is knitted by a machine almost to the exact shape of each piece, which creates very little waste according to Hogan. The also shoe avoids patterned pieces as they normally have to be cut off long rolls of material which leads to a lot of waste. Moreover, the carbon footprint of the shoe (5.87 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent CO2e) is offset by the company through a carbon project.   

The shoe (which is available in three colours: Black Sea, Sedona, Natural) is lightweight, compact for travel packing and can even be washed in the washing machine. All-Dai retails for €83 and is shipped free within the U.S.  

Written By: Katrina Lane

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