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Peelsphere is a new material made from fruit waste and algae | Photo source Youyang Song

A new fruit waste fabric is strong, versatile, and waterproof

Fashion & Beauty

The biodegradable material is used soft or hard and can be dyed and printed


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Spotted: As the fashion industry has faced increasingly persistent questioning about the sustainability of its practices, materials innovation has blossomed. At Springwise, we have spotted materials created from a diverse range of sometimes unexpected sources – such as mycelium and cellulose-producing bacteria. Now, designer Youyang Song has developed Peelsphere – a truly circular material made from fruit waste and algae. 

Taking inspiration from the fruit and legumes that the material comes from, the colour of Peelsphere fabrics comes from natural dyes, and the final forms echo the texture of the produce. The material can be used as a foam, 3D-printed into shapes, cast, printed, and cut, as well as woven and embroidered. It is made by mixing peels and other leftovers with algae to create leather-like sheets ready for dying.

If left to harden, the fabric becomes solid enough for use as buttons. When kept soft, the material’s versatility and smooth feel resembles animal leather. All Peelsphere fabrics are biodegradable without the need for any additional processes or ingredients. The material is waterproof and can be transparent, which further widens its possible uses.

From vases to tote bags, upholstery, and clothing, finding new ways to use the bioengineered materials provide exciting creative opportunities. As part of its dedication to closed-loop economies and production, Peelsphereis currently planning for a full life cycle assessment of its manufacturing and products.

Springwise has also spotted fruit peels and other types of food waste being turned into homewares and biofuel.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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