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Cattails grow in peatland and are being used by Fluff Stuff to make textile filling | Photo source Vyacheslav Makodin on Unsplash

Restored wetlands grow sustainable replacement for down textile filling 

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The new crops also reduce agricultural emissions by refilling drained peatlands

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Spotted: The common cattail now has an important new job. Finnish startup Fluff Stuff uses it to replace the down filling found in many home accessories and clothing products. In Finland, up to 60 per cent of agricultural emissions come from peatlands drained for industrial growing. By rewetting the land, and planting a new type of crop, the filler achieves two important environmental changes at the same time.  

The restored peatland reduces agricultural emissions by eliminating some locations of industrial farming, and the end product eliminates the need for both polyester and animal down. Cattails provide all the benefits of traditional down without the environmental footprint. They are renowned for their ability to repel water and dry quickly, making them the perfect filler for outdoor clothing.

Currently at prototype stage, the team behind Fluff Stuff plans to make its own sustainable textiles rather than buy in fabrics as the company scales up. So far, the company has used the filling in duvets, cushions, and jackets and will expand its range as it grows. The co-founders are currently advertising for a CEO to join the company to drive its development.

The creativity inherent in fashion contributes to the creation of some of the innovative materials, spotted by Springwise, that are being used to replace petroleum-based products. Two examples are a wildflower-filled puffer jacket and a haute couture dress made from cocoa bean waste.  

Written By: Keely Khoury



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