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Reflaunt makes it easy for customers of fashion retailers and brands to re-sell clothing | Photo source Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Technology company brings ‘Resale-as-a-Service' to fashion brands

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Whether you’re a brand looking to move inventory or a shopper looking for a deal, Reflaunt is changing the way we shop for secondhand clothes

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Spotted: In a world where fast fashion reigns supreme, it’s easy to forget the environmental and social impact of our clothing choices. However, a growing movement towards sustainable fashion is beginning to take hold as vintage and resale become an established component of the fashion industry.

Reflaunt is a technology company that brings ‘Resale-as-a-Service’ to fashion brands and multi-brand retailers. The company makes it easy for customers of fashion retailers to resell and recycle garments they previously purchased.

Through its resale marketplace technology, Reflaunt will provide brands and retailers with access to a global network of over 25 resale marketplace partners and 50 million customers. This gives them the ability to re-sell returned clothes faster. On average, pieces are sold within a month.

For customers, using a resale service like Reflaunt is a great way to get more value for their clothes. Not only is it easy to put an item up for sale – they also have the potential to earn more money in the form of store credit. The store credit scheme gives customers the option to be paid in cash or receive a higher return in store credit, making it more beneficial to resell through the brand rather than reselling directly to a second-hand store.

Second-hand fashion is becoming increasingly popular and Springwise has recently spotted several reselling innovations including a digital trunk show for refurbished luxury goods, a plugin that lets customers exchange old clothes for real-time store credit, and a resale website focused on high-end fashion.

Written By: Katrina Lane



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