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The global pandemic will change the way we try on beauty products in-store | Photo source Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Touchless beauty product testers for the post-COVID shopping experience

Fashion & Beauty

Meiyume has developed a series of touchless testers for skincare products and fragrances to cope with the new retail norm

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Spotted: With shops around the world starting to reopen, a big challenge facing companies is how to allow customers to test products. Beauty company Meiyume is prototyping a touchless sampling tester in order to maintain its high-level shopping experience while ensuring a safe and hygienic in-store environment. The series of touchless testers are motion activated and can dispense any type of liquid skincare products and fragrances.

The mechanisms for the touchless testers use existing products, meaning that no new packaging needs to be designed and the display is easily adjustable to the size of different tester bottles. However, Meiyume does note that they are able to offer bespoke designs for specific projects. The touchless testers can be retrofitted onto existing displays or added on store countertops. Once they have been installed, customers will be able to enjoy the experience of physically and personally testing products again.

Meiyume is expecting to launch its touchless testers in stores in the next few months. The company has also been proactive in developing new products and solutions to help adjust to the new normal; one example is their in-store displays, which have been adapted to provide an automated density guide, so customers and sales associates can maintain social-distancing guidelines.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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