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PlatformE is a technology platform that offers made-to-order and e-fashion at scale | Photo source PlatformE

Fast fashion gets even faster – this time without the waste

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A next generation platform offers fashion companies the ability to transition to a made-to-order standard

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Spotted: One of the major reasons why fast fashion is so wasteful is the use of seasonal production calendars, which sees huge amounts of clothing manufactured, a large proportion of which is thrown away without ever being sold. One solution for this is making clothes to order – but this is expensive and requires complex supply chain organisation. Now, startup PlatformE is working to bring on-demand fashion to companies across the value chain. 

PlatformE has developed a suite of tools that can be used by fashion companies to develop their on-demand business. Their tools allow businesses to set up a 3D digital catalogue to showcase their products, and to offer product personalisation and configurable options. Using these tools, customers can make alterations in the products to suit their taste.  

Once a product is purchased, PlatformE’s software then orchestrates production and logistics, using a global network of high-tech factories that can produce fashion products on-demand in record time. Fashion companies can reduce their overheads from carrying excess stock, and offer customers a high degree of personalisation at affordable prices. 

The startup is already working with high-end fashion houses such as LVMH, Kering, Gucci, Dior and Fendi. PlatformE told Springwise that “Brands can benefit from risk-free launches, digitised and transparent production development processes and better relationships with their customers. The company [has] already helped the biggest players in fashion to connect demand directly to production and increase the number of products that they sell at full price.”  

There is growing demand for systems that can help reduce fashion waste – both from consumers and from fashion brands themselves. Springwise has watched this trend develop through a number of innovations aimed at improving sustainability in fashion. Recent developments include the use of deadstock fabrics to create luxury clothing and a luxury handbag brand that repairs both its own and other brands bags for customers. 

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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