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Raw Color have called the Elbow Sock 'a handkerchief for your elbows' | Photo source Raw Color

Elbow socks designed to help prevent the spread of viruses

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A Dutch design studio has created instructions for using odd socks as a DIY hack to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Spotted: Dutch design studio Raw Color, who are known for their bright and colourful designs, have proposed a DIY hack — using odd socks to catch sneezes. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 germs onto surfaces, medical experts have advised coughing or sneezing into your elbow rather than your hands. The design, Elbow Sock, is offering a way to adhere to this practice while keeping your clothes clean.

With the aim of encouraging a DIY mentality during this period, the studio brainstormed to find something that everyone can easily do with everyday household objects. They found that the heel of a sock fits perfectly onto an elbow and came up with the solution of simply taking a pair of scissors to the toe of any sock; after wear, it can go straight into the washing machine. This concept allows the wearer to have complete control of making as many as they like.

Elbow Sock was created for Create Cures, an initiative launched by Chinese designers Frank Chou and Chen Min, to find practical solutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Raw Color duo’s design is by far the simplest and easiest and they are hoping that this will help it catch on. By encouraging people to use bold colours and patterns for their Elbow Sock, it will create a visual reminder to practise better hygiene.

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