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Algorithmic Perfumery offers bespoke scents designed with the help of AI | Photo source Algorithmic Perfumery

AI-driven system creates personalised perfume

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A perfumery has introduced a system that allows customers to design their own perfume through AI and automation

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Spotted: Here at Springwise, we have seen a number of innovations allowing customers to design their own healthcare or consumer products, in line with their own tastes and body chemistry. Now ScenTronix Inc, a US and Netherlands-based technology company, is launching the Algorithmic Perfumery system, through which consumers can create their own custom fragrances. 

The system is created in-house by Scentronix and uses an “exclusive palette” of materials, including natural scents and “cutting edge aroma molecules” in partnership with IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Visitors first fill out a brief survey, which a proprietary AI algorithm uses to create a number of variations before their eyes. Customers then evaluate samples of the variations and make alterations in the materials used, and eventually a final version is produced.

Pop-up versions of the system were launched in 2019 and 2020 at events such as film festivals and fashion weeks, although the Coronavirus pandemic slowed down the live roll-out. However, the Algorithmic Perfumery currently has a shop in the Dutch city of Breda, which is open to customers.

ScenTronix founder Frederik Duerinck explained that, “Algorithmic Perfumery uses technology to allow people to have a highly personalized and meaningful experience with their senses. What we offer is, at its most simple, a platform for people to co-create their own perfume. We hope that this interactive, playful experience will allow them to discover and enjoy new aspects of themselves, and a new outlet for their imagination.”

Personalisation is a growing trend, particularly in the health and nutrition sectors, where it taps into both the desire for wellness, and for retail experience. Some such innovations we have recently covered include personalised, 3D-printed vitamins, bespoke smoothies based on skin type and a restaurant chain that lets customers design their own meals.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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