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The sChoker | Photo source Architecture Discipline

Necklace uses infrared sensors to help wearers with social distancing

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Architecture Discipline has devised a necklace that will let the wearer know if they are at a safe distance from others

Spotted: Although many lockdown measures are being eased across the world, we are still being advised to maintain social distancing for the foreseeable future. In response to this likelihood, many designers have been coming up with creative innovations. One of these is India-based multi-disciplinary design studio, Architecture Discipline, which has designed a wearable — the sChoker — a necklace that will let the wearer know if they are at a safe distance from others.

Made from carbon fibre, the sChoker has integrated thermal sensors that identify the infrared radiations emanating from body temperature. Through visual or audio signals, the sensors will alert the wearer if another person is at a dangerous distance from them. As our necks remain the most stable parts of our bodies while moving, designing a necklace seemed like an obvious choice for the studio. The ergonomic circular ring design of it was an intentional move to ensure that the sensors could span the area all around the body.

The first carbon fibre prototype of the sChoker was 3D-printed. The studio has further plans to also include more classic fashionable materials, such as velvet, plastic, gold and leather in future versions.

In the last few months, many designers have been thinking creatively about how to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 crisis. Springwise has spotted other wearable designs, from the G95 hoodies that come with a built-in mask, to 3D-printed protective face shields designed by a team at Cornell University.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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