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This Outfit Does Not Exist share examples of virtual fashion through Instagram | Photo source Daniella Loftus

Fashion platform explores the world of virtual fashion

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The platform provides a space to learn, explore and exhibit digital fashion through deep-dive features and partnerships with pioneering institutions across fashion, sustainability and technology

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Spotted: Would you spend more than €8,000 on a dress that doesn’t physically exist? The idea of buying a digital-only outfit may seem novel, yet “virtual fashion” is a trend that is building momentum. Digital fashion platform This Outfit Does Not Exist aims to aid this shift through education, exploration and exhibition.

According to the platform’s founder, Daniella Loftus, the term “virtual fashion” can refer to “any type of article (clothing, accessories, jewellery) that exists in the virtual realm. It spans the clothes that exist on avatars, the skins in gaming, and those digital-outfits which can be worn by humans.”

Loftus has a background in blockchain, sustainability, fashion and corporate innovation. She founded This Outfit Does Not Exist with the aim of facilitating a digital way of creating and consuming fashion. 

Each month, the This Outfit Does Not Exist platform explores a theme – from digital design and distribution, to marketing in the metaverse. The platform also publishes deep-dive features and builds partnerships with pioneering institutions across fashion, sustainability and technology.   

The platform currently showcases four deep-dives: #1 The what, how, why of virtual fashion, #2 Design and Technology, #3 Changing consumption, #4 The end of by-once-wear-once.

At Springwise, we have seen a number of innovations in the fashion industry. These include a coat made from disposable masks, and a fashion label that aims to fit and empower all bodies, regardless of gender or size.

Written By: Katrina Lane


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