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Pluuus wallet | Photo source seek-seen

Eco wallet powers devices and prevents card clash

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The customisable wallet carries up to 12 cards, has a coin slot and includes a notepad and pen for old-fashioned doodling

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Spotted: Sustainable design studio Seek-Seen turns plastic waste into useful essentials. The team’s first product is the Pluuus wallet. Or as the studio calls it, a Pocket-sized Everyday Bag.

Designed to replace the traditional bi-fold wallet, the Pluuus is approximately the same size yet contains far more features. The patent-pending “Easy Tap and Go Cardholders” are screw-on windowed cardholders. Cards swivel out from the body of the wallet to make payments and travel quick and easy, while also avoiding card clash.  

Each Pluuus wallet is made from two pounds of waste plastic, which also makes the material waterproof. A zip pouch holds cash, coins and other small items. A carabiner ring makes it easy to hold and find. For power top-ups, users have a card-sized energy bank with a retractable cord included in the design, along with a refillable notepad and pen.

The wallet is also modular. Customers can choose the features they would like, including the colour of each cardholder for easy identification when on-the-go.

In keeping with its sustainable approach, products are shipped from one of three locations, depending on the customer’s address. And more products are in development.



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