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Blueprint is a personalised portfolio of political investments made on behalf of each donor | Photo source Swing Left

Platform creates personalised investment portfolio of political donations

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The Blueprint platform provides bespoke recommendations based on each donor’s stated preferences

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Spotted: In the United States, the Republican party regularly outspends its Democratic competitors on political races at all levels. On the Democratic side, individual donations simply were not having the impact they could and should. A team of strategists from the Swing Left organisation realised that a new method of allocating funding was required. The solution came in the form of Blueprint, a personalised portfolio of political investments made on behalf of each donor.

Designed to maximise the impact of each and every donation, the platform provides bespoke recommendations at every quarter, based on each donor’s stated preferences. Individuals prioritise different levels of the ballot or civic organisations, and Blueprint sends the money where it will have the greatest effect. Each user also chooses from a range of issues and ranks them according to importance, to see the impact their donation is making for the issues they care most about. Frequently underfunded civic organisations supporting voter rights and fighting gerrymandering are also recipients of Blueprint investments.

Each donor receives a quarterly return on investment report to see exactly how and where money was spent. Blueprint then provides a new portfolio of suggestions to reflect the most recent changes in the political landscape. The team plans to continue developing the platform in order to find new ways to help build long-term voter power.

The 2020 United States elections are among the most polarising of recent times. Springwise has spotted a number of businesses explicitly using their brand to support a political issue or cause. A drinks company provides citizenship and other assistance to new immigrants, and an outdoor clothing and equipment supplier campaigns for voting rights and access.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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