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Fintech startup automates financial services for freelancers

Financial Services

Hnry uses predictive software to help the self-employed better handle taxes and other finances

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Spotted: New Zealand-based startup Hnry is providing financial services for the self-employed. It automates tasks like billing and paying taxes using predictive analytics software.

Hnry assigns clients to a bank account. The program then uses predictive software to calculate taxes and other expenses that should be deducted. After this, it issues a payslip for what is left. 

Hnry is different from existing financial software in that it uses a pay-as-you-go model. The firm says that the service also goes beyond software because it has a team comprised of certified accountants. The service costs 1 per cent of a client’s freelancer income and is capped at a maximum of €1,800 for those who earn over €180,500.

The service was developed by three former freelancers — Claire Fuller, Richard Freestone and James Fuller — upon realising that they were spending too much time calculating finances. They then teamed up with some of New Zealand’s biggest accounting firms to design the software. 




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