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The Starling Connected card hopes to help vulnerable peopel during the COVID-19 pandemic | Photo source Starling Bank

Debit card helps carers shop for others

Financial Services

The card includes a spending cap and PIN, and users cannot access the owner’s main bank account

Spotted: Starling Bank has recently introduced its Connected card for people who cannot leave their homes to do their own shopping. The online UK bank created the card in response to the challenges arising from the global coronavirus lockdown measures. With a spending limit of just under €230, the card is secure and easy to use. Members of the bank apply for the card and set up a Connected Space online. Users of the card can access the money in the Connected Space only.

Members must have a personal current account with Starling in order to access the Connected card service. Owners can then move money in and out of their Connected Space as frequently as desired, with a PIN for each transaction. The cards are only able to be used inside physical stores, and not at cash machines, for online transactions or to check or access other accounts.

As a mobile-only bank, setting up an account takes minutes. With no monthly fees and the ability to access money from all UK post offices, the bank’s services are accessible to many.

A number of fintech innovations and organisations are helping to make financial services more user-friendly. Among those recently spotted by Springwise are a French-based alternative bank, designed for freelancers and small businesses and a New York City-based app that helps low-income workers maximise their tax deductions.

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