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The company aims to ensure that unwanted items don’t make it to landfill | Photo source Twig

Fintech app powers the circular economy

Financial Services

Twig allows users to trade their things for instant cash, in addition to offering customers a carbon offsetting service

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Spotted: UK-based fintech company Twig has launched a free banking app that allows users to trade their things for instant cash. By doing so, the company aims to contribute to the circular economy and ensure that items don’t make it to landfill. 

The process is fairly simple. All customers need to do is install the app and upload their unwanted possessions. Twig’s AI-powered algorithm then proceeds to calculate how much the things are worth. As soon as users accept the offer, they can cash out their items. The process aims to reduce the uncertainty, waiting, and irritation that is normally associated with selling unwanted items. 

“We offer consumers a new way to offload their pre-loved items. Our mission is to empower consumers to unlock their wealth and act sustainably, opening up the value that they already have in their homes with an easy-to-use mobile banking app that offers huge benefits from instant cashout to traditional banking services and a VISA debit card. They can use it with confidence, knowing that they are positively impacting the environment and generating financial freedom for themselves”, Geri Cupi, Twig’s Founder & CEO told Springwise. 

Twig is available to download from both the App Store and Google Play; however, the app is currently only available in the UK. 

As part of the company’s aim to power the circular economy, Twig also offers a carbon offsetting subscription as an add-on service for customers to offset the carbon footprint of their entire lifestyle. Twig is amongst the first UK banking companies offering such a service. This is on top of the benefits of regular banking services (debit card, domestic and international bank transfers). 

TechRound named Twig amongst 2021’s Top 50 Fintech companies and Sifted named it the European Fintech to Watch this year. Recognised for its commitment to the environment and sustainability, the company soon hopes to join the B-Corp community.  

Written By: Katrina Lane

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