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The Sally 2.0 | Photo source Chowbiotics

An upgraded robot salad vending machine

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Chowbotics has launched Sally 2.0, a robot salad vending machine, with upgrades to enhance the user’s experience

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Spotted: Chowbotics recently launched its revamped Sally 2.0, a robot salad vending machine. Founded by Dr. Deepak Sekar in 2018, Sally offers a range of customisable meal and snacks.  Users are able to add or reduce as many ingredients as they need to hit their targeted daily calorie intake. As the ingredients are contained inside the robot, there is a very low risk of food contamination and so the robot is now located in 70 different locations, including hospitals, schools, offices and more. 

The new Sally 2.0 has embedded additional features into the machine. These include a larger tablet display, wheels to increase portability, and a cutting-edge canister system, for a more efficient re-stocking and cleaning system. The menu is also being expanded to include Mediterranean, Indian and Latin American cuisine, as well as breakfast bowls and snacks.

Chowbotics is aiming to expand its market to Europe by partnering with Bonduelle, a French vegetable company. Their goal is to expand sales in further locations after its initial success saw the sales of up to 120 salads per day.

This year has been one of success and expansion for Chowbotics, with its new Sally 2.0 being releasing to an additional 50 Salad Station branches, one of the company’s first adopters. It has also been selected as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Robotics by Fast Company, carving its name as one of the companies which are “making the most profound impact on both industry and culture.”




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