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The box comes carefully paired wine and a recipe card with the link to a step-by-step video guide | Photo source Banquist

Food delivery platform brings fine dining into the home

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Banquist has partnered with the UK’s best chefs to provide everything needed to create a three-course gourmet meal in your own kitchen

Spotted: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic removing the option of going out to a nice restaurant, food delivery service Banquist has partnered with the UK’s best chefs, in a bid to offer fine dining from the comfort of home.

Customers can book a Banquist experience online and choose the date they want to make their meal. They will receive a hamper on their chosen delivery date containing all of the ingredients needed to create the menu, including a carefully paired wine and a recipe card with the link to a step-by-step video guide. The contents contain a mixture of ingredients that need re-heating or finishing, or fresh ingredients that need to be prepared. 

Banquist has ensured that recreating the menu is not a challenge: there are clear written instructions set out in the sequence of preparation, and an accompanying video shot in the same sequence, with the steps clearly explained. Past collaborations have included Ruth Hansom, Atol Kochhar, and Josh Barnes, who teach customers how to cook their recipes from home.

The current Banquist experience by Karl O’Dell, head chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Texture, is available to book on the website. Christmas bookings by Sally Abé are also available now and will be delivered on 23rd December. Customers can join a priority list, where they will be able to access experiences and delivery slots first, access discounts and exclusive offers, and pick futures collaborations and menus.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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