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The Cooksy system aims to make cooking foolproof by tracking steps and temperatures | Photo source Cooksy

An AI-powered cooking assistant for home kitchens

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Cooksy includes a camera that tracks the progress of a recipe and uses AI to inform users of the next steps

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Spotted: For those who are not confident in the kitchen, following a recipe may not be a guarantee of success. After all, recipes cannot tell you if you are doing something wrong, or help you improvise when you are missing an ingredient. But now there is something that can. The Cooksy system is an AI-powered cooking assistant that watches the user’s stovetop as they cook. 

Cooksy includes an overhead camera module that mounts above the stove. This includes both an optical and a thermal imaging camera. The software includes a free iOS/Android app, which communicates with both the camera module and an online server.  

Users choose a recipe from the app and start cooking. The recipes are in the form of a video, which gives step-by-step instructions. As they cook, the overhead camera confirms that the recipe is being followed correctly, that the dish is being cooked at the correct temperatures and acts as a timer to tell users when it’s time to move to the next step of the recipe or add the next ingredient. 

For those more inclined to create their own recipes, Cooksy can visually record which ingredients are added and in what order, and also track cooking times and temperatures. Users can then edit the video recipes, and share them to the Cooksy platform for others to follow. 

The company has described its product as an invaluable aid to anyone who is learning to cook or keen to improve their skills. According to the company, “Cooksy is the closest thing you’ll have to a master chef over your shoulder, improving your skills in creating stellar dishes over and over again. Impress your friends, become an Instagram foodie star, and enjoy making some fabulous food.” 

Nutritionists and doctors are nearly unanimous that one of the best ways to improve nutrition and health is to avoid prepared foods that are high in salt, sugar and additives by cooking from scratch as much as possible. Cooksy is not the only product to answer that call: Springwise has also covered cooking from home innovations such as a platform that helps people cook gourmet meals at home, and a 3D food printer that lets cooks use their own fresh ingredients as ‘ink’.  

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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