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Laylo’s Tempranillo is packaged in a design that reflects the wine’s Spanish origins | Photo source Ellis Parrinder

Wine in a box gets a stylish and sustainable makeover

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A startup has updated the wine in a box concept by emphasising wine quality, packaging design and sustainability

Spotted: Wine in a box is having something of a renaissance, especially during a year of pubs and bars staying closed. This startup, named Laylo, has created a high-quality wine, packaged in a way that keeps it both fresher and more sustainable than a bottle. Laylo was started by two former employees of Naked Wines, who realised the time had come for an update to the traditional box.

Laylo sources premium wines from independent winemakers and packages them in beautifully designed 2.25-litre boxes (that’s three bottles). Packaged in a box, the wine stays fresh for six weeks from opening. Moreover, the lovely boxes, which are designed to match the style and origin of the wines, look perfect gracing any table or picnic blanket.

Packaging wine in a box is also a much more sustainable option than the traditional glass bottle. According to Laylo, it generates around 90 per cent less carbon than the equivalent volume in bottles. Much of these savings are due to a reduction in the energy used to manufacture the boxes as opposed to glass, and the savings in transportation energy. On top of this, it is estimated that more than 600 million bottles of wine are poured away every year because they aren’t consumed quickly enough.

Laylo has said that while choosing a wine can seem intimidating and exclusive, they are “committed to being transparent and inclusive, helping wine drinkers to become wine lovers.” On top of this, their goal is to “make environmentally-conscious drinking a no-brainer.”

Sustainable packaging is everywhere now, and for good reason. As more and more goods are delivered directly to homes, customers are demanding sustainability in every aspect of the delivery chain. Recently, Springwise has covered packaging innovations such as an inclusive deodorant bottle and a soap company that recycles empty containers from other brands.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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