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Predicting the quality of food to prevent waste

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The system helps farmers, retailers, and distributors know what produce to sell first

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Spotted: One-third of all food produced globally is wasted. And food tech startup OneThird has borrowed this shocking figure for its company name, underscoring its commitment to the elimination of food waste. Using OneThird’s handheld, artificial intelligence (AI) powered scanners, organisations at every stage of the food supply chain can check freshness levels of fruit and vegetables within seconds.

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Biology, data, and spectroscopy scientists have developed a data model for the AI from many different varieties of fruits and vegetables, ensuring accurate and quick assessments. As new varieties of produce are introduced to the market, the AI is also updated.  

The scanned data lets growers decide which batches to ship where based on how long it takes before the items become overripe. Retailers use the information to make day-to-day or even hourly decisions on what fresh produce to stock, and when to discount certain items. And for distributors, the data helps prevent wastage by informing decisions on when and where to ship items based on the predicted shelf life. For example, a shipment that came in later than others might still be the first one sent out if the scanners indicate that the items are approaching maximum ripeness. This improved decisionmaking reduces the risk that substantial volumes of fruits and vegetables will go to waste. 

OneThird’s predictions are accurate to within a day, and what constitutes ‘shelf life’ can be tailored for every organisation and food item. Users of the platform can choose to share data with suppliers and other organisations, making it easier to track shipments and analyse trends, including seasonal changes and logistical challenges.  

From a platform that connects rescued food with appropriate users, to a supermarket campaign that educates shoppers on the best ways to store each type of food, Springwise has spotted a host of smart new ways that innovators are reducing food waste.

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