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Protein and umami extracted from cabbages

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A startup has created a functional plant-based protein ingredient that is more sustainable and healthier than what’s on our shelves now

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Spotted: While plant-based protein alternatives like those made from soy or pea have a smaller carbon footprint than many other protein sources on the market, climate-change-induced droughts and wet harvests have made the crops unreliable. This is why UK-based Naylor Nutrition has instead hedged its bets on a different plant-based protein: cabbage.  

At the start of this year, the company began building a €38 million smart eco-factory to carefully extract protein, fibre, and an umami syrup (a savoury taste often associated with meat) from brassica plants – specifically, cabbage. The result makes for a highly nutritious soy sauce substitute and plant-based ingredient that surpasses its less sustainable rivals. 

Simon Naylor, owner of Naylor Nutrition and Naylor Farms, explains: “Many of the current plant-based solutions to the problem of traditional mass agriculture claim to be sustainable, yet they travel thousands of miles before reaching their destination. We offer products with zero air miles, making Naylor Nutrition’s brassica protein ingredients truly sustainable.” 

Naylor Nutrition started construction of its first factory in January 2023, just seven miles from Naylor Farms in Lincolnshire UK. The company hopes to expand into broccoli, kale, and cauliflower extracts. 

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Written By: Georgia King



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