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As the hospitality industry starts to reopen, companies and businesses will have to find ways to maintain social distancing whilst keeping their charm | Photo source Frank Albrecht on Unsplash

An app for reserving spots at pubs and restaurants based on capacity

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Increased socialising can be made safer by providing real-time visitor numbers alongside information about maximum numbers permitted

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Spotted: As part of the reopening of the hospitality industry after the COVID-19 crisis, the Byevid app helps businesses manage limited capacity without making customers wait outside. As countries begin to grapple with stuttering returns to previous routines and activities, companies, regions and nations must all find a delicate balance between reopening and maintaining appropriate public health measures. Created by developers Chris Mortimer and Stephen O’Callaghan, Byevid hopes to navigate the management of spacing between visitors.

The app is free to use, for businesses and individuals. Organisations list their available services along with current maximum capacity numbers. Potential visitors can see how busy their destination is and can make bookings as far ahead as seven days and immediately as soon as space is available. Contactless check-ins are accomplished via QR codes scanned at entry points to each venue.

Companies can list the steps they are taking to keep their premises safe and managers and owners can amend the information as is needed. As social distancing requirements change, the ability to provide rapid updates is essential.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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