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Stroodles pasta straws | Photo source

Sustainable straws made of pasta

Food & Drink

Edible and vegan, the straws outperform their paper alternatives and decompose within days

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Spotted: Stroodles is a UK startup that is transforming pasta into high performing, edible and sustainable straws. Made from only two ingredients — durum wheat and water — the straws are vegan-friendly and decompose in days. Compared to the many paper straws currently on the market, they stay strong for much longer and have no effect on the flavour of a drink. 

In tests, Stroodles withstood cold liquids, including carbonated drinks and spirits, for more than an hour before starting to soften. They are, however, not recommended for use in hot drinks. Safe to eat and easy to adjust in size (simply snap off the required length), the straws are available to buy online and from a variety of retailers in Ireland and Belgium.

Further development of the straws will include customisation and ensuring gluten-free versions. The company donates a share of its sales to charities such as Ocean Plastic, which are dedicated to reducing plastic waste. 

As well as other edible straws, including flavoured varieties designed to match with particular kinds of food and drink, Springwise spotted an edible and shrinkable nanofilm set to replace the traditional plastic wrap used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. 




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