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The AI sommelier is available in four models | Photo source Calvary Robotics

An AI-powered wine wall with facial recognition security

Food & Drink

The storage wall works as an intelligent unit that gives serving suggestions as a sommelier would, and even pours the wine

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Spotted: Through AI technology, the wine storage wall works as an intelligent unit that gives serving suggestions as a sommelier would, helping the owner to organise and maintain their wine collection. A high-speed 8-axis robotic arm aids this, and is programmed to apply minimal pressure in order to protect the bottle which it recognises, loads, scans and dispenses. Three cameras track the movement of the arm from the moment it selects the bottle, to the dispensing, all of which takes 15 seconds. 

Other facets of the wine wall include facial recognition software, which helps to give and withhold access to either the whole collection or even single, special bottles. Motion sensors are also able to detect unusual movement around the wine, for extra security.

The wall comes with a smartphone app which allows the owner to monitor the temperature and humidity of the wall, and the inventory management system is accessed and controlled by an iPad Pro, the app, and software that allows for real-time wine consultation. 

Mark Chaney, the founder of Calvary Robotics, designed the AI sommelier for use in homes, restaurants and other luxury locations. It is available in four models, from the Curio Classic to the flagship Wine Wall, and each order can be customised all the way down to the trim materials and lighting. Prices go up to €209305.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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