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They also have unique flavours, like Mango Rosemary and Vanilla Matcha, | Photo source Dream Pops

D2C popsicles are healthy and Instagrammable

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Dream Pops is a lifestyle brand that makes healthy popsicles that are beautiful, tasty and can be delivered to your door

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Spotted: Start-up Dream Pops is not just ice cream, they are a lifestyle brand – with a focus on being both as healthy and as Instagramable as possible. All Dream Pops are plant-based, non-dairy and soy-free. Instead of gum thickeners, they use coconut milk and tapioca for creaminess. The pops come in a proprietary shape that is created using a 3D printed mould. They also have unique flavours, like Mango Rosemary and Vanilla Matcha, vibrant colours, and a hefty price tag. 

The company was launched after co-founder David Greenfield took a trip to Columbia and came across “pajetas” for the first time. A popular Central and South American treat, pajetas are frozen treats made from fresh juice and other ingredients. Inspired by this, Greenfield and co-founder David Cohen raised funds and hired Michelin-starred chef Juan Amador and food scientists David Marx to create the pops.

Originally, Dream Pops were sold to businesses, such as supermarkets and coffee shops. But the company has recently launched a direct-to-consumer approach. The pop can be ordered online in packs of 20. Although originally quite expensive, the prices for delivered pops now start at €27 for a pack of 20 snack size pops.



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