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The invisibility cloak | Photo source Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

Canadian company develops real-life invisibility cloak for military use

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Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp has created an ultrathin material that bends light to render objects invisible

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Spotted: Canadian company, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, has created a paper-thin material that makes objects “invisible”. The portable material does not require an energy source and has been marketed for military use

The material, Quantum Stealth, resembles a gadget from a Mission Impossible film. It works by bending light rays, rendering objects behind it invisible. It also blocks ultraviolet, infrared and shortwave infrared waves.

The company says that its ultrathin, light and mobile form makes it ideal for military action. A video clip demonstrating the Quantum Stealth showed how it could potentially cloak over tanks and other military hardware. The light-weight material can be bent and folded and is designed to be carried in a soldier’s backpack, and it can also be used to make parachutes.

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, known for its camouflage products, has already applied for a patent for the Quantum Stealth material. It has also applied for patents for a holographic-like display system. 



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