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Buy a 24-pack of Serious Tissues and help NHS workers | Photo source Serious Tissues

Sustainable toilet paper raises funds for the NHS

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A new initiative is donating 100 per cent of the profits from the sale of eco-friendly toilet paper to NHS charities

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Spotted: There was a time when purchasing toilet paper did not require any thought at all. Then came the coronavirus pandemic and the panic buying of toilet paper across the globe. Now, there is a new approach. Change Please, the social enterprise that works to provide an income for homeless people, has created a new brand of toilet roll called Serious Tissues. 

The Serious Tissues are made from 100 per cent recycled paper. Originally intended to launch in the summer and benefit the fight against climate change, the brand has launched several months early and changed its focus to the fight against COVID-19. All of the profit from the sale of the tissues will go to charities helping NHS staff and volunteers.

Profits will be given to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal, the umbrella organisation for around 170 NHS Charity trusts across the country. The money will partly be used to provide wellbeing packs to NHS workers to help them through the long and draining shifts. Some funds will also be used to help offset the cost of travel, food and accommodation for NHS workers and volunteers.

According to Serious Tissues co-founder Chris Baker: “The world has changed rapidly in the past 100 days, so we’ve quickly mobilised and changed our focus from climate change to fighting this terrible pandemic. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen people up and down the country panic buying toilet roll and we believe we can turn this behaviour into a force for good.”

One encouraging offshoot of the coronavirus pandemic is the way that people and businesses are innovating in order to work for the public good. From crowdsourced ventilator designs to repurposing restaurant reservation platforms to reduce crowds at supermarkets, Springwise has seen businesses and innovators work together in many ways to help.

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