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The OmniHub can be used to disinfect a wide range of self-service units | Photo source Omnic

Open-source module for disinfecting parcels

Health & Wellbeing

The OmniHub module incorporates UV disinfection and hand disinfection, and can be fitted to existing self-service parcel lockers


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Spotted: During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in online shopping, as people seek to minimise contact with others. This has created an all-new issue, however, as the coronavirus can remain active on parcels and the surfaces of parcel pick-up stations for up to three days, according to some medical experts. With this in mind, Omnic, a maker of self-service parcel units, has now developed a module which kills viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus.

The OmniHub parcel delivery station incorporates UV disinfection and hand disinfection, which together are thought to kill around 99 per cent of the virus on surfaces. The module can be fitted to existing self-service parcel lockers and includes a module that delivers UV-C light to the packages inside the locker and a hand sanitiser on the outside of the station. 

The station also incorporates motion detectors and software that ensures the UV light is safely switched off as people approach the station, and will only unlock the parcel locker after the user disinfects their hands. The driving force behind the OmniHub is to make online shopping safer for everyone. So, in addition to selling the units, Omnic is providing the technical specifications for the OmniHub for free to any company that wants to incorporate the technology.  

Arthur Grigorian, Omnic CEO, told Springwise that while contactless delivery is the safest method, “it still raises questions about the safety of the parcels, since the coronavirus can survive on their surface. As a result, we’ve incorporated UV disinfection and hand disinfection modules to use in parcel stations, which are believed to kill 99 per cent of viruses and bacteria.”

Many of the innovations aimed to slow the spread of the disease are being provided as open-source, in order to help with this. At Springwise, we have recently covered many open-source innovations, including a hands-free door handle and  3D-printed face shields.

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