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As well as in hospital car parks, the design team is considering placing the mobile clinics in malls and other under-utilised spaces | Photo source NBBJ

Drive-through hospital clinics for providing in-car care

Health & Wellbeing

Created by NBBJ in response to COVID-19's effects on routine healthcare, the prefabricated units are designed to provide care without having to enter physical clinics

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Spotted: Situated in hospital car parks, the modular clinics combine personal safety with convenience. Designed explicitly to help patients access healthcare without having to enter a building, the In Car Care concept could help accelerate the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine.

Created by global design practice NBBJ in response to the changes occurring within the provision of routine healthcare, the prefabricated units have been likened to a car race pitstop — the care is brought to the patient. Medical teams are able to examine patients more closely than they could through telehealth appointments, and patients are likely to feel more comfortable by remaining in familiar surroundings. Even before the additional safety concerns of the pandemic, many people expressed discomfort at being inside a hospital. These units could help to alleviate that stress.

As well as in-hospital car parks, the design team is considering placing the mobile clinics in malls and other under-utilised spaces. Often located near major thoroughfares, malls also tend to have substantial car parking infrastructure already in place. For the people who are unable to access online healthcare, units such as these could provide a safe, swift way for healthcare teams to provide regular, routine treatments.

Innovation in healthcare is moving incredibly rapidly, with the focus of most developments a mix of improved accessibility and integration of new technologies. Springwise has spotted an AR tool that helps surgeons perform spinal surgery and a new system that provides solar-powered, medical-grade equipment sterilisation.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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