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The Dozee health monitor | Photo source Dozee

Remote respiratory monitor tracks COVID symptoms as patient sleeps

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The contactless system also helps keep healthcare professionals safe by limiting in-person checkups

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Spotted: Turtle Shell Technologies is rolling out its contactless health monitoring system, Dozee, to quarantine centres and hospitals across India. Based in Bengaluru, the company has spent five years refining the technology that goes into the monitor. The slim sensor sheet fits under a typical mattress and connects to wifi in order to capture early health warning signs, such as changes to heart rate and breathing and sleeping patterns.

The system works by tracking micro-vibrations produced by the body and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to build a comprehensive picture of each individual’s baseline statistics and overall health profile. The goal of Dozee is to help patients access a diagnosis or checkup before a condition deteriorates. The system meets the clinical 98.4 per cent accuracy required for use in medical settings.

As well as COVID-19, the sensing system helps track sleep apnea and monitor chronic conditions such as hypertension and other respiratory illnesses. The co-founders of the company focus their research and development on helping to make preventative healthcare part of life. They are now seeking external funding in order to produce 10,000 more units and distribute further the systems to more healthcare units. Future versions of Dozee will include temperature monitoring capabilities among other developments.

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Written by: Keely Khoury

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