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The VSSL first-aid kit | Photo source

Canadian first-aid kit doubles as flashlight and compass

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The compact first-aid kit fits inside a powerful, waterproof flashlight which includes an all-weather compass

Spotted: Canadian-based VSSL Gear has upgraded its collapsible first-aid kit, which fits inside a powerful, waterproof flashlight. The kit reflects a growing demand for adventure, travel and related gear. 

The NEW VSSL First Aid offers a better design than the original, according to the company. Unlike traditional first-aid kits, this kit is collapsible and fits inside a flashlight. The first-aid kit contains 46 first aid essentials, which roll up to fit in the military-grade metal flashlight. The kit includes pain relievers and a variety of bandages and an emergency whistle.

The flashlight is waterproof and boasts a 200 Lumens LED light. It can be used in four different modes: bright, dim, red and SOS. The compass, positioned at the end of the flashlight, operates in any weather, and in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +50°C.

The kit is already available on the VSSL Gear website.




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