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The Triumf app is intended as a way to help children develop an active role in managing their own health, mental and emotional well-being | Photo source

Mobile game provides psychological support to children

Health & Wellbeing

A health tech company has developed a game to deliver accurate information about COVID-19 in a way that will not overwhelm children

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Spotted: Estonian health technology startup Triumf Health that has created a mobile game platform that aims to ease children’s mental health worries around the coronavirus crisis. The free app is available to children aged 7-14 in Estonia and the UK. It is designed to deliver accurate information about the virus in a way that will not overwhelm children.

In addition to information, the platform also offers advice on topics such as how to protect yourself and how to reduce stress related to the pandemic. The advice is delivered as a game and is intended to lessen the anxiety caused by the pandemic and the lockdowns. According to Triumf, the game environment is a “safe and intuitive medium through which children can acquire new knowledge related to health behaviours, emotions, emotion regulation, problem solving and self-management.” 

The game was developed using clinical trials among pediatric cancer patients, as a way to help them manage their stress around treatment and illness. It is intended as a way to help children develop an active role in managing their own health, mental and emotional well-being.

The stress from the coronavirus pandemic is hard on everyone, but social distancing and school closures have been particularly difficult for children, who don’t always understand what is happening. Stress on children now could also lead to the development of longer-term mental health issues.

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