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Anura leverages AI to provide 30 different health measurements | Photo source Nuralogix

Tracking health through selfies

Health & Wellbeing

A new browser-based solution provides more than 30 different health measurements by analysing video clips

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Spotted: At CES 2022, Toronto-based NuraLogix launched a version of its award-winning health and wellness measurement app for browser.

Called Anura, the app—which Springwise originally spotted in 2019—leverages AI and the user’s smartphone camera to measure general wellness – and the only input required is a 30-second video selfie. Last year, Anura won ‘Best Biometric Sensor Solution’ for NuraLogix at the annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards.

Anura offers over 30 health measurements including heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, stress levels, and metabolic risks. The new browser-based version provides the same level of measurement on any device with no download required.

“It’s a truly revolutionary concept”, explains CEO Marzio Pozzuoli. “Just by sitting in front of your computer’s camera, you can track your general health and wellness with medical-grade accuracy (based on research and clinical studies).”

The core technology behind both the app and its browser-based counterpart is called Transdermal Optical Imaging. This utilises light and the translucency of human skin to capture changes in bloodflow. Machine learning algorithms extract information from the recording to model the desired psychological, physical, and physiological indexes.

The company stresses that Anura is not a substitute for the clinical judgment of healthcare professionals. Instead, its purpose is to improve the user’s awareness of their general health.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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