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Children playing the fun and easy-to-use games | Photo source Highmark

Gamified neurology treatments begin clinical trials

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Patients with a concussion will be the first to test the software platform-based treatment, which has plans to expand to mobile video, AR and VR games

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Spotted: Digital health pioneers, Highmark Interactive, have created the world’s first mobile, digital neuro-diognostic tool. The company’s Equilibrium (EQ) series of software applications test patients’ cognition, balance and vision through a series of fun, easy-to-access and use games. Now, in another world first, the software is being trialled as a clinical treatment.

Previously used exclusively for on-the-go and regular, consistent testing and tracking, EQ Active’s use is expanding into the clinical sphere. Patients with a concussion will use the platform to, ideally, reduce the severity of their symptoms and the length of their recovery time. EQ products are internationally recognised and approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, and have CE Marking in the European Union, Australia and Canada. 

The United States’ Centre for Disease Control believes that the actual number of concussion head injuries is far higher than reported. And with a significant portion of such injuries taking up to six months or more to heal, the risk of patients developing additional mental health problems is high. EQ products are designed to assess brain functionality across a period of time, in order to build an in-depth understanding of a person’s general cognition. The mobility and ease of use make it possible for many users to assess their health without resorting to time-consuming, expensive tests that provide infrequent ability snapshots.

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