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IOON is completely safe for people with allergies, or children and pets | Photo source IOON

Portable device turns water into sanitiser

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The device provides a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to other sanitisers, with each cartridge producing 3 litres worth of sanitiser

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Spotted: A team of Ukrainian scientists have developed the first pocket-size device that turns water into sanitiser. “IOON” is completely autonomous, turning water into sanitiser in just one second, with no apparent side effects.

IOON contains no alcohol, meaning that it won’t dry out skin, and neither does it have a scent or produce foam. IOON is completely safe for people with allergies, or children and pets. It can also be used on waterproof surfaces. The startup says that IOON is more efficient than a regular antiseptic. Among all the alcohol antiseptics, IOON is about innovation. It’s “like IQOS in the world of cigarettes”, IOON CEO and Co-Founder Andrey Manuilov, a pharmaceutical doctor graduate student, told Springwise. 

IOON consists of four main units: a sprayer, enclosure, cartridge and electronics unit. Inside the cartridge, the water is enriched with silver atoms and ROS particles that turn into sanitiser. The electronics unit supplies current from the battery to the cartridge and helps to track the battery charge level, wear and available cartridge life. 

Microbiological tests have been conducted on six different strains of bacteria and one strain of fungus, with 99.9 per cent efficiency. General antiviral effect and effectiveness against coronaviruses on surfaces was also carried out with 99 per cent efficiency.

IOON provides a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to other sanitisers. Only the cartridge needs to be changed, and each one produces 3 litres of sanitiser, which is the equivalent of 60 plastic sanitisers. 

IOON will launch on Kickstarter in April 2021. The device will be retailed at the US dollar equivalent of €72.62, with special early-bird prices on Kickstarter.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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