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The mask and its sanitising charging box | Photo source Razer

A smart, sustainable face mask for improved communication

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Razer's new concept features a charging case that doubles as sterilisation unit, recycled plastic and a built-in microphone

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Spotted: Award-winning game technology company Razer has introduced a smart mask concept called Project Hazel. Featuring a charging case that doubles as sterilisation unit, recycled plastic and a built-in microphone and amplifier, the mask is also customisable and adjustable. Wearers can add features that include coloured light combinations and special effects. Moreover, the mask is classified as a surgical N95 respirator version, one of the most popular healthcare models due to its ability to withstand both fluid and air pollutants.

Designed specifically to support improved socialisation, the mask is transparent and lights up automatically in the dark, allowing facial features and expressions to be seen at any time. The voice amplifying technology is patent pending and helps solve some of the communication problems related to the muffled voices and lack of ability to lip read, caused by opaque and fabric masks.

The detachable ventilators clear at least 95 per cent of airborne particles and flexible, soft silicone creates a comfortable, safe seal against the wearer’s face. Replaceable air filters contribute to the mask’s high bacterial filtration efficiency, and supports the design team’s goal of improving sustainability as global demand for PPE continues.

From co-opted fashion accessory to botanical-infused versions, Springwise has spotted a range of protective face coverings finding new ways to help keep communities safe.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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