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The SoloCoin app rewards you for staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis | Photo source

An app that gamifies social distancing

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A token currency within the application can be exchanged for discounts on services such as Amazon and Netflix

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Spotted: The SoloCoin app aims to encourage staying at home during the pandemic by rewarding people with SoloCoin tokens. Tokens earned can then be exchanged for discounts on Amazon, Netflix, Swiggy, Zomato and other services useful during the lockdown.

The app, which came in third at the CODE19 hackathon last week, was founded by India-based Arbob Mehmood. The 22-year-old is also the founder of Bramble, an application programming interface that allows developers to reward gamers in cryptocurrencies for playing their games. 

Social media influencers are the main way that the app is being marketed, many of which have agreed to do it for free because of the startup’s open-source model and joint venture to tackle the COVID crisis. 

Whilst the app is still in the development-stage and is yet to be released, Mehmood is already planning further improvements. This will include rewarding good habits such as hand washing and yoga, determining less crowded routes for commuting, giving users the possibility to chat with nearby quarantined people and a map listing nearby available essential stores.

Mehmood has even mentioned plans for the app once the pandemic is over. Instead of rewarding people for staying at home, the app will shift to rewarding people for coming together. 

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