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The Hormona app will be launched later this year as the first at-home monitoring system | Photo source Hormona

Femtech startup to launch hormone tracking app to empower women

Health & Wellbeing

The app—which is designed by women for women—enables at-home hormone monitoring in real-time


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Spotted: London-based data-driven startup Hormona is on a mission to revolutionise female hormonal imbalances through technological innovation.

Hormona was initially founded in 2019 by Jasmine Tagesson and Karolina Löfqvist after a personal journey struggling with hormonal imbalance and an under-active thyroid. What started as an online community has since blossomed into a platform empowering women to take control of their hormones and wellbeing.

According to the company, 80 per cent of women are affected by a hormone imbalance. This is indicative of a general lack of knowledge around hormones and hormonal health, with little understanding about how important it really is to overall mental and physical wellbeing.

“Our period is only part of our monthly cycle and the symptoms we may experience stretches beyond just that short period (no pun intended) and in turn influence so much more than just our period so it was important to us that we start looking at the bigger picture which is our hormonal health.” Jasmine and Karolina explained. 

The founders believe it has taken so long for greater attention to be paid to hormones because of the historical male dominance within medical research and budget allocation, explaining that, “We tend to solve problems that affect us personally.”

Supporting the working of the offering are Dr Rocio Salas-Whalen, an endocrinologist, nutritionist Megan Hallet and gynaecologist Katerina Shkodzik.

The app will be launching later this year as the world’s first at-home hormone monitoring system for real-time hormone tracking. At home hormone testing packages will also be available. The waiting list is now live to join on the company website.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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