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The Tubble is very popular in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway, cold climates where a nice warm bath is especially welcome | Photo source Tubble

Inflatable bathtub brings health benefits to those living in small spaces

Health & Wellbeing

The Tubble makes it easy for anyone, even those living in tiny flats, to have a relaxing bath

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Spotted: People living in small houses must often forego the pleasures of a long, hot bath, as tubs won’t fit in a tiny bathroom. But Tubble founder Arnoud Kuipers was determined that a long soak is a luxury everyone should be able to enjoy, so he developed Tubble – an inflatable bathtub that fits just about anywhere.

The Tubble resembles a normal bathtub in its dimensions, but has a very soft floor, similar to a yoga mat, which makes it very comfortable. A headrest and cup holder are also integrated into the design. The Tubble also uses an integrated air pump, which inflates the tub in around one minute, and an innovative system for rapidly emptying the water down the shower (or other) drain where you are done soaking. A small pump ensures that the water can be drained without splashing, even when the drain is higher than the tub.

While the Tubble is designed to fit in most bathrooms, it can also be used on balconies, outdoors or, well, almost anywhere that you would like a bath. Made from high-quality, extra-thick PVC, it is very tough and durable enough to withstand regular inflating and deflating. It sells for around £129 in the UK, making it a very affordable option for those without a tub.

Kuipers emphasises that the main inspiration for the Tubble was to give people the opportunity, “to take care of themselves and enjoy quality self-time”, as well as to tackle mental health issues by making relaxation easier. The company told Springwise: “Tubble makes a huge difference in the life of people suffering from back or muscle pain. From people with health issues that need physiotherapy as well as pregnant women, relaxing bathing can have healing effects over the body.”

Using an inflatable tub to save space is a great solution for those needing to squeeze a tub into a small space. In fact, at Springwise, we have seen a number of innovative solutions that involve inflatable devices. Recently, these have included an inflatable electric scooter and an inflatable greenhouse.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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