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The 30-inch counter-top garden can grow the equivalent of 1.5 metres of plants | Photo source Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Counter-top garden rotates to accelerate crop growth

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The Rotofarm uses rotation and automated lighting to help plants grow in a soil-less kitchen garden

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Spotted: The Rotofarm, by Australian company Bace, is a circular home garden that uses improved technology and lighting to produce crops faster. The company’s founder, Toby Farmer (yes, that is his actual name), says that the device has the potential to reinvent how people grow fresh vegetables. 

Rotofarm uses rotation and a mix of nutrients to grow plants twice as fast as traditional methods. The 30-inch counter-top garden can grow the equivalent of 1.5 metres of plants, saving both space and time. It rotates in a full circle every hour, which means the plants also grow upside down. Growing in “negative gravity” accelerates their development, according to the company. 

The compact system does not require soil, a method known as hydroponic gardening. Instead, Rotofarm uses a special mix of nutrients and water. In addition, Rotofarm’s automated LED light tube is tinted to mimic sunlight and can be adjusted depending on plants’ needs. 

A prototype of Rotofarm has already been tested. The company plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the counter-top garden in September. 



Contact: toby-farmer/contact

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