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The robots are basically large robotic arms | Photo source Berkshire Grey

Startup creates robots to fully automate warehouse and distribution tasks


Berkshire Grey's robots pick, pack, and sort for omni-channel fulfilment, and can react to changing situations in real-time

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Spotted: US-based startup, Berkshire Grey, uses machine learning and AI technology to create industrial robots. The robots can automate tasks that have never yet been achieved by a machine, the company says. 

Berkshire Grey has created patented software for its robots that allows them to react to changing situations in real-time. The company says its robots have a novel grip, enabling them to pick and pack products better than existing models. The startup’s cloud-based software means that the robot is continuously learning, improving its perception, planning, sensing and grasping of operational workflows. 

The robots are basically large robotic arms with suction-cup “hands”, which are specially designed to be able to grip on bagged and un-bagged products, and are fitted with sensors that send signals to the AI-driven software. The technology immediately senses if a bin is empty or if goods have shifted, and receives videos of the situation, allowing it to respond quickly and learn. 

The startup recently raised €238 million from investors that include Softbank. Berkshire Grey plans to use the funding to expand its operations.




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