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STARPATH is a light-responsive formula | Photo source Nevana Designs

Paint-like coating powered by UV light could revolutionise street lighting


STARPATH coating makes ordinary pathways glow in the dark during the night, reducing the need for expensive and environmentally harmful street lighting

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Spotted:  The sustainable company Nevana Designs has created a coating that it claims can make ordinary pathways glow in the dark. This light-responsive formula, dubbed STARPATH, absorbs UV rays during the day and then displays light when night arrives.  

The UK-based company produces cutting edge, light-responsive coatings and compounds for environmentally sustainable, self-sufficient energy-saving solutions. 

The coating can be applied to any solid surface, including tarmac and concrete. For traditional street lightning, this may present and economical and eco friendly alternative. Thanks to the formula’s photo-luminescent particles, it emits a glow in the hours of darkness lasting approximately 10 hours and is suitable for foot traffic just four hours later.  

“Our goal is to help with climate change, save energy through natural methods, and leave future generations a healthier planet. This is the time, in this global pandemic, when governments should be looking at endorsing products like this,” the New Zealand inventor, Hamish Scott, told The Daily Mail.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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