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Powering the EV revolution with smart charging

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One startup is helping businesses manage their EVs with a user-friendly charging platform


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Spotted: As the world embraces electric vehicles (EVs) to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, the pressure on electricity grids intensifies. During peak hours, EV charging can become far more expensive, inefficient, and become impractical for consumers. That’s why Chilean startup Enerlink has developed a smart charging platform aimed at optimising charging processes and expenses. 

Enerlink focuses on businesses seeking to enhance their e-charging systems. The software enables organisations to efficiently manage charging: reducing costs and prolonging vehicle battery life. With this platform, Enerlink’s customers can ensure their fleet is readily available at their convenience while ensuring chargers are free for use at the correct time.    

To enhance user experience, Enerlink has also developed an app for managing charge points. This reduces manual operation and offers added features such as booking options and real-time data. 

Managing 600 e-buses, the startup is now able to fuel expansion into Mexico and bolster its presence in Peru and Colombia after securing a $3.6 million (around €3.3 million) funding round, led by Kayyak Ventures.  

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Written By: Georgia King




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