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The Passerella | Photo source Arturo Tedeschi

Italian tram redesigned for socially-distanced travel

Mobility & Transport

A much-loved classic design gets a top-to-bottom smart makeover with design-led safety features

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Spotted: Milan’s iconic 1503 tram car has been updated to include today’s global pandemic-required public safety features. Reimagined by Arturo Tedeschi at his A>T computational design agency, the new version of the tram includes smart exterior display panels and interior social distancing markers. Named the Passerella, the tram’s layout is reminiscent of runway shows, with a central aisle flanked by rows of seats.

One metre wide yellow circles on the floor indicate safe spacing between passengers, and the shape is echoed in the round frames of the plexiglass shields separating each seat. The external display panels indicate forthcoming stops as well as the safest areas inside for oncoming passengers. Additional uses for the smart display include advertisements, general public announcements and real-time city news, for locals and visitors alike.  

And in recognition of Milan’s status as a leading centre of design, even the roof of the tram has been updated. The yellow and black theme continues in an eye-catching design created specifically to be viewed from above, as the tram often is from the balconies that cover many of the city’s buildings.

Other methods Springwise has spotted for making public transport safer include origami-style airline seats and a flexible train interior that better supports standing passengers and those travelling with bicycles.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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