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The modular bicycle parking box that transforms a standard car parking slot into a locker | Photo source Bike2Box

Bicycle parking 'boxes' meet increased use post lockdown

Mobility & Transport

Bike2Box has launched a modular bicycle parking system as demand for bicycle parking spots has increased

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Spotted: As many companies are starting to return to offices after lockdown, safe travel to work has been brought up as a key issue. Cities have been promoting the use of bicycles, with some even installing temporary bicycle lanes in order to create safer travel conditions. In response to the increased need for bicycle parking, Polish company Bike2Box have launched a modular bicycle parking box that transforms a standard car parking slot into a locker accommodating twelve bicycles.

The box does not require any installation and can be easily fitted into one to three standard parking spaces in a garage. The whole process is quick and easy, and won’t alter the building’s infrastructure. The parking boxes offer an “instant”, cost-efficient solution, without a long waiting time and time-consuming building work.

Bike2Box has been promoting the use of bicycles for many years and now more than ever people are seeing its importance. “It is a good time to think about the role bicycles have in our lives and cities. I hope that our activity will allow us to have an input in increasing the number of bicycles in cities,” says founder Radosław Kozubski.

The modular bicycle parking boxes can be ordered on the Bike2Box website and can be rented for as long as required.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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