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Biliti's vehicles make tricky last mile urban deliveries more sustainable | Photo source Biliti Electric

Electric tuk tuks for last mile deliveries

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The electric vehicles have a range of 110 miles, holding up to 1,500 pounds of payload

Spotted: LA-based sustainable mobility company Biliti Electric is on a mission to provide ‘smart, efficient and affordable electric mobility solutions’ with its electric tuk tuks.

The three-wheeled, open-cabin, electric delivery vehicles are known as the GMW Taskman. Biliti was founded less than a year ago and is already supplying markets in Asia and Europe. The company claims that the vehicles sold to date have covered a collective distance of 20 million miles, delivering 12 million packages. The company’s next move is to enter the US market – where retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart are based.

The Taskman costs $8,000 (about € 7,068), and is specifically designed for commercial last-mile deliveries. It has a range of 110 miles, and is able to hold up to 1,500 pounds of payload.

The Taskman can be charged at home through a standard 110-volt power outlet—which takes up to seven hours—or through 220-volt outlets, which reduce the charge time to three and a half hours. However, this kind of downtime is problematic for commercial fleets. In response Biliti has created a battery swapping system—known as SmartSwapp—that allows users to quickly and easily swap out spent batteries for fully-charged ones in a process that takes less than a minute. This modular technology is particularly innovative – Biliti claim that the Taskman is the first electric three-wheeler to be fitted for such a system. The vehicles are connected via mobile-cloud, showing users the closest available SmartSwapp station in real time.

Biliti also offers an optional solar panel set up to recharge the battery using renewable energy. Biliti said a full charge from the solar panels takes around three hours.

So far, Taskman has been ground-tested by online commerce companies such as Amazon, Walmart (Flipkart), IKEA, SokoWatch, BigBasket (Tata), and Zomato.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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