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Locally assembled e-motorbikes and tuk-tuks with battery swapping 

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One company is trying to provide a solution to Africa’s transport problem while helping meet emissions reduction targets

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Spotted: As of October 2022, four African countries had published official net-zero goals, with other nations in the region having communicated other emissions targets. This includes Kenya, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 32 per cent compared with business as usual by 2030. To do this, it is crucial that the continent targets priority sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, and transport. This includes finding a solution for areas that would otherwise rely on fossil-fuel vehicles. Enter Mazi Mobility. 

The Kenyan startup is aiming to electrify the African motorcycle industry and provide reliable, cheap, and green vehicles. Mazi Mobility specialises in electric motorbikes and has created an ecosystem in which motorbike users can quickly and efficiently swap batteries rather than having to charge them themselves.  

The Mazi M3K is available with either a single battery, which has a range of 70 kilometres, or a double battery, which doubles the range. But even more convenient for the rider is the availability of swap stations that allow for batteries to be swapped out, conveniently refuelling a bike in 30 seconds. This system also allows the company to service batteries for free, removing the problem of battery degradation for e-bike users. These stations are indicated on a free app.

Video source Mazi Mobility

Come 2024, Mazi will be offering electric tuk-tuks and individuals can join the waitlist for one now.  

Swapping to an electric vehicle (EV) is perhaps one of the easiest ways that individuals can cut their carbon footprint. Springwise has also spotted one company looking to popularise electric bikes in Southeast Asia as well as ultra-efficient EV battery charging.

Written By: Archie Cox




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