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The Bluetooth system connects the wheel to your smartphone, enabling the user to control the settings | Photo source Teebike

French startup transforms old bicycles into electric bikes

Mobility & Transport

The Teebike project aims to leverage rejected and abandoned bikes to create an alternative to sustainable commuting

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Spotted: Incubated in 2019, French startup Teebike manufactures wheels powered by an electric motor and equipped with Bluetooth, which can be easily fitted on to the front of any bike in order to convert it into an electric vehicle. 

The Teebike project came to light when Laurent Durrieu was touring China. He came across an open-air bike cemetery with thousands of unused, abandoned bikes.

The electric motor can go up to 25km/hr, with the battery lasting between 50 to 80 km depending on factors such as road conditions, the weight of the rider, level of assistance used and the weather. Teebikes can also be used as a regular bike by turning the engine off. 

The Bluetooth system connects the wheel to your smartphone, enabling the user to control the settings. The battery, consisting of several lithium cells, can be charged by connecting to the wheel’s axel. 

Teebike has also partnered with Cyclofix, another French startup concentrating on making vehicle repairs easy, to ensure care and maintenance. If the battery needs replacement, the wheel can be sent to Teebike, and returned with a new one within a week. 

Teebike wheels are priced at €795, and the cost to change the battery is €200. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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