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The Vendetta features caterpillar tracks and a top speed of around 50 kph. | Photo source Ungoverned / Indiegogo

An electric-powered snowboard and motocross bike hybrid

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The latest powered vehicle is an all-terrain powerboard with treads and two on-board electric motors

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Spotted: As petrol-powered vehicles become less desirable, electric-powered designs are taking to the stage. From bicycles to scooters to “hoverboards”, there are now a wide variety of new ways to combine muscle power with electric power to get from a to b faster. And here’s a new addition: an electric, all-terrain skateboard-snowboard. 

Built by Ungoverned, the Vendetta is a powerboard that marries a motocross bike with a skateboard. It has an articulated deck that the rider stands on. Underneath are two, inline, snowmobile-like treads. Each tread is powered by a separate electric, brushless DC motor, which allows both front and rear traction control. Like a skateboard, the rider steers by shifting their weight. The swappable central battery pack allows a run time of around 40 minutes, and the board has a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph). 

The Vendetta was built by Dan Baldwin, an Australian FX technician and avid surfer, skater and snowboarder. The device was designed to be used on almost any terrain. A working prototype has been built and the project is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, at a minimum pledge of €3790. The vehicles will retail for around €5074.  

On Indiegogo, Baldwin emphasises how the development of Vendetta was spurred on by his love of both board sports and Australia’s rugged terrain. He writes, “Designed and built on arguably the world’s toughest island (Australia) this little ripper knows harsh terrain better than any other,” adding, “I have been designing these vehicles since the previous century but, 18 months ago I made an EPIC breakthrough, both in the chemistry of my tracks which I mould myself, along with other intellectual property surrounding the vehicle’s geometry and as a result, the Ungoverned Vendetta is proving itself unstoppable.” 

Electric vehicles are growing by leaps and bounds. Electric cars have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 60 per cent, and electric bikes have a CAGR of around 8 per cent. At Springwise, we have eagerly followed this growth in e-vehicles with our coverage of innovations ranging from electric tundra buggies to electric planes

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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