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The homeis app | Photo source

A networking platform by and for immigrants

Nonprofit & Social Cause

An app has been developed to support immigrant communities, helping them connect for jobs, friendship, local knowledge and legal advice

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Spotted: Built by and for immigrants, the homeis app is a network of digital support. It provides resources specific to the needs of people born in a country different from the one in which they live. Most of the communities using the app live in the United States, and the latest network to be introduced is designed for people from Mexico who are living in the United States.

The app provides an essential service for people navigating new systems, often in their second or third language. By bringing together those who share a homeland, the platform helps to bridge cultural differences, prevent loneliness and make connections. Such a network could be crucial to both personal and professional development.

Four of the five communities active on the platform support immigrants living in the US. The groups are for people born in India, Mexico, France and Israel. The fifth community brings together people from France living in Israel. The founder, Ran Harnevo, is himself an immigrant, having moved to the United States from Israel.

Development of the platform will focus on providing increasingly sophisticated financial and digital technology services that explicitly address the growing complexities faced by immigrants around the world. The app is also available for both iOS and Android. 

Other projects spotted by Springwise that focus on communities in need include cashless vending machines that provide daily essentials for people who are homeless and a catering company that hires refugee chefs to cook and serve food native to their homelands.




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